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The three-step formula to hydrate your skin the right way

Written by FDM

Your skin needs to be well treated in the summer just as much as in the winter season. Experts agree that there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. The later can be improved by a regular routine.

The skin most often becomes dehydrated in the summer, and the rest of the body for that matter, which results in itchiness and roughness, and a lack of elasticity. The deficiency of moisture in your skin might make you look older than you really are (which is the last thing you want for sure).

A proper skin care routine should contain three steps for most skin types that will allow your skin regain its youthful look.


Once you cleanse from all the dirt that’s been clogged into your pores, follow up with a toner that has hydrating qualities. That will help bind moisture to your skin and prepare it for the serum and moisturizer.


Derma health institute advises on using serum; not only for anti aging purpose, but also for their ability to activate collagen production in your skin cells. They are meant for boosting your skin’s general health, improving its functions, including its natural ability to hydrate.


And indeed last but least: moisturizer. It’s essential in improving you skin’s hydration and gives a subtle glow making your skin look all the more fresh. And as a tip: using it in the morning and before bed everyday evens out your skin tone, besides reducing redness and hydrating beneath the surface of the skin.