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The museum of Mouassine Dar Mellakh in Marrakech hosts “Mellakh et la magie des lieux” exhibition

Written by FDM

Artist Abdelhay Mellakh’s birthplace was turned into a museum. The family home -Dar Mellakh- patiently restored by Hamid Mergani and Patrick Manac’h opens its doors to the public on December 22, 2017.

The Mouassine museum, which has been the birthplce of the painter Abdelhay Mellakh in 1947, in the district Mouassine, a district representative of the history of Morocco, famous for the Saadienne mosque will now be dubbed Musée de Mouassine, dar Mellakh (Mouassine Dar Mellakh Museum). It will also play host to the Mellakh Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Very quickly attracted by the world of colors, the young Mellakh installed in Mouassine his first workshop. On the walls and shelves, photos of Picasso, Chagall, were placed along with books and music: jazz, variety, classical music. In a constant contact with the rich colors of Marrakech, young Mellakh developed the vocation of a painter. In 1973, he participated in Situation 73, an exhibition-manifesto of young Painters at Jemaâ el Fna Square.

The exhibition “Mellakh et la magie des lieux ” underlines the path of an artist, the living and colorful environment of his early years.

His career as a painter then flourished in Casablanca and many trips abroad: France, Brazil, Spain … His painting is rich with symbols that are the keys to his career and which he emphasizes the universal reach. Mellakh is also known as a militant figure in civil society, particularly in favor of changing the status of the artist in Morocco.

As a reminder, the Mouassine museum had opened in January 2017 after 3 years of renovation work. It is dedicated to the arts of Morocco and hosts many events: music evenings, exhibitions, visual arts, projection of documentary films …