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Symphonyat Returns to Casablanca For its Second Edition

Written by FDM

After a successful first performance in 2019, Symphonyat performs at the Hippodrome de Casablanca for a 2nd edition, from September 29 to October 1. Headliners include Latifa Raafat, Mehdi Nassouli, Sanaa Marahati, Maxime Karoutchi, Sama Choufani and many other virtuoso artists from around the world.

Born from the meeting between Karim Taissir and Tom Cohen, respectively Moroccan passionate about Moroccan music and prestigious conductor, the philharmonic orchestra Symphonyat returns to the Hippodrome of Casablanca for a 2nd edition, from September 29th to October 1st.

Building on the great success of the first Moroccan performance in September 2019, Symphonyat, made up of more than 40 talented musicians and inviting exceptional voices to pay tribute to Moroccan musical heritage, is once again preparing to thrill the public.

During its first performance in Casablanca, Symphonyat seduced more than 1,600 people, thanks to re-orchestrated covers of Moroccan classics from the Chaâbi, Malhoun, Judeo-Moroccan, Amazigh, Gharnati, etc. repertoires. Led by Tom Cohen, conductor emeritus, the orchestra was able to magnify and revive titles that have entered the history of Moroccan music.

This tribute, carried in 2019 by voices like Neta El Kayam, Mohamed El Asri, Nabila Maan and Sanaa Marahati accompanied by Omri Mor on the piano, by Karim Ziad on the drums or by Fadel Manna on the violin, is also a message of love and peace: “We show that when the music reaches people’s hearts, it erases all differences, whether of faith, language or nationality”, confides Karim Taissir, initiator of Symphonyat. “Watch and listen to Symphonyat, this is what we manage to achieve despite the troubles and tensions around the world. Then imagine what we can create in times of peace! », adds Tom Cohen, artistic director of the philharmonic orchestra.

Putting Moroccan music in the spotlight, making it universal, and transmitting a unifying message from Morocco, is Symphonyat’s ambition for this 2nd edition, which will be joined by Latifa Raafat, Mehdi Nassouli, Sanaa Marahati, Maxime Karoutchi, Sama Choufani and many other virtuoso artists around the world.

This year, in order to allow as many people as possible to (re)discover and appreciate Symphoniat, 3 dates are planned from September 30 to October 1, including a jazz fusion evening bringing together Karim Ziad and Omri Mor.