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Street Art Inside: Carte Blanche to Four Moroccan Artists

Written by FDM

Until July 15, the Hiba Foundation is organizing in Rabat its event “XPO FMR-Street Art Inside”, an atypical exhibition, the backdrop of which is… a stairwell. The works of four Moroccan artists are on display.

XPO FMR-Street Art Inside is the name of the unique exhibition concocted by the Hiba Foundation. The latter gives carte blanche to four artists to create work inside the stairwell leading to the HIBA_Lab. They are the Moroccan artist-painter and street artist native of Meknes, Mehdi Zemouri, the Casablanca artist Mohamed Touirs, alias Ed Oner, the young visual artist, from Meknes, Reda Boudina, and the artist Ayoub Ftili, alias Basec.

“Our goal is to pay tribute to this young, fresh, urban, and current discipline, a true vehicle of expression for the artist who is no longer limited by the size of his board and which explores textures, colors, techniques, and dimensions.” The Foundation explained in a press release.

Created in 2006 at the initiative of HM King Mohammed VI, the Hiba Foundation is a non-profit association that works to support the creation, federate private initiatives, encourage talents, participate in the development of emerging arts, and favor contemporary creations.