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Strawberry and Tarragon Tart

Written by FDM

Fayçal Montacir, Pastry Chef at La Sultana offers us a delicious strawberry and tarragon tart recipe.

Ingredients (For 5 people)

Almond shortbread

–  48 g of butter

–  1 pinch of salt

–  35 g of icing sugar

–  5 g of almond powder

–  1 eggs

–  95 g of flour

Almond cream

–  50 g of butter

–  50 g of caster sugar

–  50 g of almond powder

–  1 egg

Tarragon cream

–  170 cl of liquid cream

–  12 g of tarragon leaves

–  2 egg yolks

–  25 g of caster sugar

–  1.5 g of gelatin leaves

–  1.5 cl of cold water

Strawberry marmalade

–  150 g of strawberries

–  40 g of caster sugar

–  The juice of a lemon

– Ground pepper

Rosemary strawberry juice

–  500 g of strawberries (keep a few for decoration)

–  25 g of caster sugar

–  A sprig of fresh rosemary

–  Strawberry sorbet (at an ice cream maker)

–  1 quenelle of 40 g / person


In a salad bowl, mix the softened butter with a spatula, the salt, the icing sugar, the almond powder, the egg, and 25 g of flour. As soon as the mixture is homogeneous, add the rest of the flour (70 g) and mix very briefly. Reserve in the fridge

Almond cream: in a bowl, beat the butter with the caster sugar and the almond powder using a spatula. Then incorporate the egg gradually, until you obtain a cream.

Tarragon cream: bring the cream to a boil. Off the heat, add the tarragon leaves. Mix with a hand blender and let infuse for 15 minutes, covered. Mix the yolks and sugar until the mixture turns white. Rehydrate the gelatin in cold water and wring it out.

Once the cream is infused, filter it through a cheesecloth, then, over low heat, make a custard. Reserve in the fridge.

Strawberry marmalade: wash, remove the stalks then cut the strawberries in half in a salad bowl, mix them well with the sugar, lemon juice, and 1 turn of ground pepper.

In a saucepan, cook the mixture over low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the fruit is completely broken up. Reserve in the fridge.

Rosemary strawberry juice: remove the stems from the strawberries. Cook them with the sugar and rosemary for 45 minutes in a double boiler then filter through a colander placed on a terrine. Reserve the juice for 5 or 6 hours in the refrigerator.

Dessert assembly

Roll out the shortbread, make 5 circles with an 8 cm cookie cutter. In an oven at 160 °, pre-bake the dough for 5 minutes. Let cool.

Then, spread in the tart bases, with a pastry bag or with a spoon, a layer of 5 millimeters of marzipan. Repeat cooking at 160 ° for 10 minutes, leave to cool.

Finish the dressing, with a layer of 5 millimeters of tarragon cream, then the strawberry marmalade and the rest of the strawberries for decoration.

Arrange on a plate, with the sorbet quenelle on the side, and finally pour in the strawberry juice when ready to serve.