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Starlight, a New Talent Show From 2M

Written by FDM

Latifa Raafat, Asmaa Lmnawar, Nouamane Lahlou, Douzi, and Aminux form the jury of the Starlight show, an unprecedented musical talent show produced by 2M.

The program will allow young artists from all over Morocco to go “from shadow to light” thanks to the vote of a jury of stars, representing different generations and musical styles.

“With Starlight, 2M returns to a television genre that has always been part of its DNA, the musical talent show. Today, our country is full of young artistic talents just waiting to emerge. The role of this new show is to shed light on the future stars in Morocco. An ambition which corresponds perfectly to one of the public service missions of the channel which is to promote Moroccan culture and art and to contribute to the discovery of young talents in all fields” declared Salim Cheikh, Managing Director of Soread-2M.

8 years after Studio 2M’s last episode, whose 10 consecutive seasons had contributed to developing the music production sector in Morocco and revealed many artists, 2M returns with Starlight, a new, innovative, and powerful concept.

A first casting brought together no less than 3,000 applications, all evaluated by a professional casting team under the direction of Nabil Khaldi, director of casting and musical coordination. Handpicked from among the thousands of participants, 48 young singing talents will have the chance to perform in front of a jury of professionals, on the stage of a sumptuous studio.

Starlight draws its originality from an ingenious system of staging lights that “reveal and highlight” the talents and qualified candidates at each stage of the show. The program will be hosted by Hicham Mesrar, star presenter of 2M, and will rely on a jury of prestigious, complementary, and intergenerational stars: Latifa Raafat, Asmaa Lmnawar, Nouamane Lahlou, Douzi, and Aminux.

Three professional coaches are also assigned to accompany and improve the vocal and stage performances of the candidates. They are Sanaa Marahati, Lamia Zaidi and Diae Ettayebi. The candidates will be accompanied by an orchestra made up of the best Moroccan musicians under the direction of Rachid Mohamed Ali, musical director of the show.