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Spotify celebrates Moroccan hip-hop culture

Written by FDM

Spotify, the market leader in music streaming platforms, continues to demonstrate its commitment to Moroccan talent with the launch of the brand new visual look for its iconic RapMaroc playlist, newly dubbed Abatera (emperors).

The flagship ABATERA playlist offers the most recent and best performing Moroccan rap titles, created by the Abatera of Moroccan hip-hop. Thanks to the incredibly loyal fans showing their support for local artists by listening to them on Spotify, Moroccan hip-hop is already one of the most consumed genres on the platform. The top five streaming artists in Morocco over the past 60 days are local rappers: ElGrandeToto, Tagne, Stormy, Inkonnu, and Snor. And now it’s Spotify’s turn to celebrate these tribes of loyal fans and the “made in Morocco” hip-hop culture.

Highlighting Moroccan hip-hop culture and its fans, and recognizing the impact of the genre on the Moroccan music industry, this campaign includes some of the main actors on the scene, such as ElGrandeToto, Draganov, Inkonnu, and Dizzy DROS, who will be releasing their highly anticipated album in the coming months. Fans will rejoice to see a 30-second video that features… themselves. Each Moroccan artist has his own fans, his own tribe. ABATERA is the destination to connect, find your way, build the reputation of their favorite artists, and master the rules of the game. From now on, ABATERA’s new visual identity is revealed on the facades of the Casa tramway and the signs on the street across town. Spotify is growing strongly in the power of Moroccan hip-hop, and the ABATERA campaign includes strong digital media support for artists in the genre, as well as direct support on the platform to direct fans to stream their music.