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Spider crab soup with red curry

Written by FDM

An original recipe, full of flavor and freshness.


–  3 pieces of spider crab
–  500 g of white beans
–  1 green apple
–  2 stalks of celery (yellow branches and leaves)
–  200 g of crab meat
–  2 tomatoes
–  2 teaspoons of red curry
–  1 red onion
–  400 g of coconut milk
–  700 g of UHT liquid cream
–  1 sheet of brick pastry
–  1 stick of lemongrass
–  5 g of galangal
–  2 lime leaves
–  10 cl of olive oil
–  70 g of butter
–  salt and pepper


Sweat the onions with the curry, add the crushed spider crab and deglaze with the coconut milk and the cream. Add the white stock, lemongrass, galangal, and lime leaves. Cook over low heat for 15 mins then infuse covered for 20 mins off the heat. Remove the lemon leaves, galangal and lemongrass then mix partially. Strain then blend with 3/4 of the beans.

Make a spring roll with the pastry sheet, the crab meat, the green apples, and the tomatoes. Arrange the plate with the rest of the coconuts.