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Souad Jamaï’s Book Signing For Her Third Novel

Written by FDM

Moroccan author Souad Jamaï held a meeting and signing event at Papers Club in Casablanca, May 28, for her recent novel” le serment du dernier messenger”.

With a rare power of imagination, Souad Jamaï puts a good distance from reality and describes a world bordering on caricature to make an impression. Humanism, freedom, vigilance, critical thinking are the keywords of this novel.

“le serment du dernier messenge” (The Oath of the Last Messenger) is both a novel of initiation and disillusionment, but above all a hectic book, full of energy, twists and suspense.

In this novel, Yélif, a young surgeon, discovers at the very least disturbing practices within the hospital where he practices. One thing led to another, it sheds light on a dark manipulation involving pharmaceutical firms and insurance companies. He is helped in his investigation by Ali, an old doctor with a look mixed with cynicism and derision, and by Azel, a colleague, who crosses his path and turns his life upside down. Unbridled transhumanism, medicine under the influence, but also personal quest and existential questions are the themes that cross this dystopia and plunge us into the challenges of a society changing at a rapid pace and having made the choice of technicality to the detriment of humans.

Souad Jamaï lives in Rabat where she works as a cardiologist. Her first novel, “Un toubib dans la ville”, was published in 2016 by Afrique Orient. The satire of Moroccan society was met with great success. In 2018, she created a theater company made up entirely of doctors and directed her first novel. The second, “Paper wings”, was published in 2019 by Virgule Éditions. “The Oath of the Last Messenger” is her third novel.