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Sonia Noor faces her reflection in new song “Mes Yeux  I عيونك فعيوني”

Written by FDM

After the success of her last song Bhor Lbalia, Sonia Noor unveils her new single “Mes Yeux “.

Artist Sonia Noor presents her new piece “Mes Yeux  I عيونك فعيوني”. “The song speaks of a universal subject, heavy with meaning: to face the darkness, the fear, and the anguish present in each one of us. Look fear straight in the eye and say “no”,” explains Sonia Noor.

Written by Sonia Noor and co-composed with Hicham Benabderrazik, the recording of this track brought together outstanding musicians such as Othmane Rouissi (Drums, percussions), Hermann Doe (Bass), Hicham Benabderrazik (Guitar).

Singer, guitarist and composer, Sonia Noor has been passionate about music since her childhood. It was in January 2016 that her career took another turn, participating in the French program “La Nouvelle Star” where she was ranked among the 16 finalists. Back in Morocco, she completed her artistic training at the Casablanca Music Center, and participated in several events such as Jazzablanca Festival in 2018 and the Visa For Music Festival in November 2020. On the occasion of the festival of the National Circus School Shems’ y in 2018, she participated in the artistic creation “AMAKYN” directed by Fatym Layachi, who entrusted her with the main role of singing and comedy.  Sonia Noor collaborates with several artists such as Asmaa Hamzaoui, the rising star of Moroccan gnaoua. Her feature, “Mra or Mermora”, with the famous DJ Mr. ID, is a tribute to Moroccan women.

Mes Yeux I عيونك فعيوني is available on all streaming platforms and social networks