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Single Women Throw Underwear In the Street To Get Married

Written by FDM

A video showing a rather ‘unusual’ practice by single women in the city of Bouguerda, in the region of Marrakech-Safi made the rounds on social media.

During the Lebhirate Moussem, which is held annually in the region, young single women throw their underwear in the street waiting for visitors’ cars to pass over them. Once it’s done, the “candidates” put their underwear back on, in the hopes that the “Prince Charming” would appear.

Indeed, it is believed that the cars attending the Moussem and passing over the underwear of single women revive the hope of women to find a soul mate.

The tradition did not leave netizens indifferent. Some judge the practice to be “absurd” in the 21st century, while others defend people’s right to believe whatever they want.

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