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Singer Ghita is more empowered than ever in new track “Satisfied” 

Written by FDM

The young Moroccan artist makes a comeback with a nice feminist nod with her new track: “Satisfied”.

Ghita is conquering new territories with a choreography challenge that went viral on social networks. Her new title “Satisfied” has over 90,000 views on Youtube and her hashtag #TheSatisfiedChallenge has been tagged multiple times on Instagram.

It also helps that the music video is inspired by the retro atmosphere of the 50s, vintage look, with a very catchy chorus, not to mention Ghita’s vocal signature added on a mix of pop and R&B melodies, all of which complete the ingredients fit for a stimulating and catchy story/ reel on social media.

After the tracks “On My Mind” and “Real Lies”, the beautiful brunette is more determined than ever to achieve her goals without any additional help as she well put across in the video of “Satisfied”. Well done!