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Senskin, the Moroccan skin app already acknowledged in the US

Written by FDM

The Senskin mobile app by dermatologist Maria Sadak was a big hit at CES, the global electronics show held January 9-12 in Las Vegas. This invention, which evaluates the state of the skin and provides tips has attracted the attention of multinationals who are in talks of a collaboration with the doctor.

Dr. Maria Sadak  flew to the United States with eight other Moroccan project promoters to represent the country in its first participation at the CES, the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

And there, “big companies have been coming intentionally to my stand to learn more about my Senskin application,” says dermatologist Maria Sadak, who has been working on the project for a year. She invented a mobile app connected, via Bluetooth, to a pebble-shaped object that is placed on the skin to analyze it.

“It tests our body heat, the rate of hydration of the skin, stains and wrinkles, the level of produced sebum, and also gives information on the environment around us,” explains the doctor who developed her invention at the Emerging Business Factory incubator in Marrakech. “All this combined with specialized advice adapted to each case”.

The idea set up after an observation: “I noticed that some of my patients had about ten questions to ask me when they came to see me but forgot half of them.” She is convinced, Senskin is useful and complementary to a consultation because” it can answer some of the questions and make the patient more independent, more in control “. Another asset: prevention.

In Las Vegas, this app  has literally attracted some multinationals. Because “at CES, the inventors were engineers and not me. I know my job, my patients and the usefulness and reliability of such an app,” she explains. Dr. Sadak has had many partnership proposals. ” I am still studying all the proposals, weather in Morocco, Taiwan or the United States “. Anyways, the Senskin mobile app can be downloaded anywhere in the world!