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Sea bream ceviche

Written by FDM

Created by the star chef Akrame, here’s a recipe straight out of the Shirvan Café Métisse at the Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech.


Flavored oil
100 g grapeseed oil
40 g rose water
1 g dried rose
11 g ginger
20 g lemon juice
4 g dried mint
7 g cumin
Chopped chives

Sea bream

800 g sea bream

50 g red pepper
50 g candied lemon
2 g rose petals

1 l water
125 g sugar
125 g salt


Make the brine then add the sea bream for 45 minutes.
Make the flavored oil by mixing all the ingredients except the lemon juice. Vacuum the preparation then cook overnight in the steam oven at 60 degrees.
Add the lemon juice to the oil.
Cut the sea bream into slices.
Then serve.