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Sarah Perles stars in new artistic project alongside Saad Mouaffak and Dizzy Dros

Written by FDM

For those craving a romantic movie in these hard times, here’s a story from home, a romance with a Moroccan touch called “Kheli 9elbek idoub”.

The talented Moroccan-Portuguese actress Sarah Perles will therefore play alongside Saad Mouaffak, a young actor revealed during the last Ramadan in the successful TV series “Yakout w Anbar”. It has been communicated that the love story will be released on November 17th.

Moreover, to accompany this beautiful project,  rapper, and singer-songwriter Dizzy Dros changed musical register and signed “Nota”. A sweet acoustic soundtrack that compliments the performances of the main characters.

“Kheli 9elbek idoub”, a short film to be discovered on November 17th.