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Salmon tartare with sesame seeds

Written by FDM

We continue with our series of noble dishes, delicacies, and a lot of love, as festive season requires! 


–  400 g of raw salmon
–  4 small avocados
–  1 lemon
–  Sesame oil
–  Soy sauce
–  5 berry pepper


–  Pink berries
–  Black and white sesame seeds
–  Nori leaves


Finely cut the salmon to form small balls, chop the nori sheets and set aside. Do the same for the avocado so that it is the same size as the salmon. Add lemon juice to the avocado and set aside. Prepare the seasoning with soy sauce, sesame oil, and 5 berry pepper. In a circle, start with the avocado, tamp lightly then add the salmon. Decorate on top of the tartare with sesame seeds.