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Saffron risotto, eel gremolata and beet sorbet

Written by FDM

The Royal Mansour Marrakech opens the doors of its Sesamo restaurant for us to taste authentic Italian dishes. In the kitchen, the multi-starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo delights our taste buds with his gourmet recipes.

Beet sorbet

–  60 g of beetroot juice
–  20 g of reduced star anise juice
–  5 g of salt
–  15 g of smoked oil
–  35 g of white aromatic vinegar

 Eel Gremolata

–  80 g of smoked eel
–  30 g of chopped parsley

Mix the ingredients.


–  5 g of natural beet powder
–  20 g   of chopped chives
–  240 g   of ecori carnaroli rice
–  100 g of butter
–  100 g of parmesan
–  20 g of lemon juice
–  1.5 l of chicken broth
–   3 g of saffron


Beetroot sorbet: mix the beetroot centrifuged with a very small amount of star anise centrifuged reduction, add salt, smoked oil, and very little white balsamic vinegar. Freeze and grate in the pacojet pot.

Accompaniment: give a pearly gloss to the rice with a drizzle of oil, moisten with the aromatic white vinegar, add the saffron pistils and diluted saffron. Continue cooking, gradually adding a little hot broth. At the end of cooking, mix vigorously with the smoked oil, butter, Parmesan, and lemon juice.

Serve on a deep plate, sprinkle with the powdered eel and beet gremolata, add three teaspoons of sorbet and some chives.