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Safaa Erruas’ carte blanche

Written by FDM

The CDG Foundation gives Safaa Erruas carte blanche. An exhibition is to be discovered until November 27 at the CDG Expressions space in Rabat.

After the carte blanche of Fouad Bellamine, Mahi Binebine, Mehdi Qotbi, Hassan Bourkia, Amina Benbouchta, Najia Mehadji, Bouchaib Habbouli, Fatiha Zemmouri and Yamou, the CDG Expressions space of the CDG Foundation in Rabat is presenting, until November 27, the exhibition “Carte blanche to Safaa Erruas”, a unique artist who offers a work as poetic as it is delicate and powerful. Indeed, through her singular language which has charmed experts around the world, Safaa Erruas offers blank works, “blank cards that invite us to question our existence, the world and the major trials we are currently facing, in relationship with moving territories, living environments and an awareness of oneself and others”, as she likes to explain.

For this exhibition, Safaa brings together three talented artists: Saïd Afifi, Imane Djamil and Mohssin Harraki. Fascinated by archeology and futuristic places with post-apocalyptic accents, Saïd Afifi thus stages, in videos and drawings with extremely elaborate architectures, elusive space-times in which the past and the future coexist indiscriminately, such as described by the CDG Foundation. Imane Djamil’s work, on the other hand, seeks the very fine line between reality and the sublime. Contingent and intercultural worlds interpenetrate through their narrative assemblages. Imane Djamil’s interest in places in post-traumatic transition leads her to a vision halfway between documentary and visual tales, continues the CDG Foundation. In her work, places become conceptual microcosms in which History engenders a metaphorical dialogue with personal anecdotes. As for Mohssin Harraki, he aims, through his works, to explore the mechanisms of cultural deconstruction and the constitution of memory and the collective imagination.