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The Right to Be Different as the Theme of La Cigogne Volubile’s 10th Edition

Written by FDM

“The right to be different ” is the theme of the 10th edition of the Cigogne Volubile – Printemps des livres jeunesse du Maroc, initiated by the French Institute of Meknes on Thursday 3, Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June 2021.

This event unfolds across the entire network of the French Institute of Morocco and targets an audience of 4 to 12 years old.  Cigogne Volubile is punctuated by meetings, creation workshops, class projects, exhibitions, shows and storytelling. The French Institute of Morocco announces in a press release that the program of this 10th edition will be hybrid, offered both on site in the institutes of the network and remotely via digital technologies.

The public will thus be entitled to the Junior Cigogne Prize, a reading competition which rewards children’s favorite books. This award is established on 2 categories, 4-8 years old and 9-12 years old. This is a first in this 10th edition and among the works proposed by the French Institutes of Morocco, a selection of 10 books is put to the vote. Children choose the 2 best books from the selection. The announcement of the prize’s results will be on Saturday, June 5, 2021 on social networks, reports the IFM.

Moreover, class projects carried out by students from partner schools are also scheduled, plus language courses and children’s aid associations on the theme of difference. These projects are prepared in advance and presented during the event. Each website will broadcast the renderings of these class projects on social networks.

In this 10th edition of La Cigogne Volubile, the public will also discover “ Children’s words on difference ”. There are three formats to let children talk about what the difference is for them: a comic strip, 10 words (a text of 15 lines maximum), or Pocket video (2 minutes maximum) explains the IFM noting that the children’s productions will be shared online on the websites of the French Institutes of Morocco.

Interviews will also take place to discuss the creation and publication of an album, comic book or children’s novel with Fabien Toulmé on Thursday 3, Marc Boutavant on Friday 4 and Carina Rozenfeld on Saturday 5. These interviews will be broadcasted on the networks social services of the Institute announces the same source which underlines that the poster of the event was carried out by the author and French illustrator Fabien Toulmé, who is the guest of honor and sponsor of this 10th edition.