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Rachida Cheddani Tackles “Traditions and Modernity” in Exhibition at Living 4 Art Gallery

Written by FDM

Through five distinct paintings, the poet and artist Rachida Cheddani expressed her optimistic vision of the present and her insightful view of her Amazigh roots in a collective exhibition at «Living 4 Art».


“I received an invitation to participate in the exhibition, so I was keen to present paintings that correspond to its title, which is  “Traditions and Modernity””, said Rachida Cheddani during the exhibition opening. “Rather than just static paintings, I see art as a means carrying a message and purpose, that’s why I wanted to express, through these paintings, my optimistic view of life despite the troublesome reality that we often face.

I noticed that the reflection of optimism, hope, and a clear vision of the future, in my paintings, impressed the attendees of the exhibition. Everyone seemed to grasp them in their own way according to their ideas, their appreciation of colors, their relationship to their personal experience and their perception of it.” She added.

“Every painting of mine has something of my identity in it, especially my Amazigh roots, which I see as an integral part of the identity of all Moroccans. I draw my roots as I feel them and leave the recipient free to perceive them however they want.” Cheddani concluded.

The self-taught artist is currently anticipating her participation in other art exhibitions namely in Spain and Italy.

“Traditions and Modernity” collecting 80 works from  19 Moroccan artists, is held from April 10th to May 8th at living 4 Art Gallery: Rue Abou Al Mahassine Royani, Casablanca.