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Rabat Joins Group of Leading Cities in the Fight Against Climate Change

Written by FDM

The city of Rabat aims to join the network of leading cities in the fight against climate change (C40).

Rabat wants to join the network of leading cities in the fight against climate change (C40) in order to pursue action within this group, as announced by the vice president of the municipal council of the capital, Kamel El Amrani.

In a statement to the Moroccan news channel M24, on the sidelines of his participation in the C40 summit in Buenos Aires bringing together from October 19 to 21 a hundred mayors from five continents, Kamel El Amrani explained that “we aspire to join this network in order to act from within this group” for environmental resilience.

Emphasizing that his participation in this summit is part of the support of parallel city diplomacy, Kamel El Amrani indicated that the city of Rabat has become a pioneering capital in terms of the use of recycled water for irrigating the hundreds of hectares of its green spaces, 95% of which are maintained using this treated water. The vice-president of the Council of Rabat added that this policy responds to royal directives for the preservation of water wealth, underground or surface levels, in order to cope with water stress.

The municipality of Rabat is also deploying other environmental programs in the management of household waste which is currently subject to the landfill process. From now on, this waste will be subjected to sorting and enhanced operation, so that it ceases to be an obstacle and becomes a valued wealth. On the other hand, Kamel El Amrani pointed out that, within the framework of its national and international commitments, the city’s action plan includes the completion of the royal project “Rabat, city of light” and “cultural capital of the Kingdom”, while preserving its cultural heritage and making it more attractive and accessible.

The C40 is a group of global cities that are leaders in climate action and joined forces in 2005 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More than 70% of C40 member cities have implemented climate change mitigation actions and a dozen of them have even become the most sustainable cities in the world. At the end of this summit in Buenos Aires, a new consensus on global warming should see the light of day as well as the adoption of a document on the international financing of environmental projects.

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