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Primary Colors: Moroccan Pictorial Art Sublimed at Artorium

Written by FDM

PRIMARY COLORS is the new exhibition hosted by ARTORIUM since May 3. Throughout the works of the collection of the TGCC Foundation, the visitor plunges into a colorful universe where Moroccan pictorial art is appreciated.

ARTORIUM presents PRIMARY COLORS, a new exhibition that shows some works from the collection of the TGCC Foundation by highlighting the primary colors and the way in which they have been used and diverted, by some of the most important Moroccan artists from the pictorial universe such as Kacimi, El Glaoui or Hassani, as detailed in the art gallery in a press release.

But how is this exhibition constructed? It was designed to immerse visitors in a polychrome world where each primary color, red, blue, yellow have been treated in a different way by all of the artists represented, the gallery indicated. Moreover, on display are also the so-called naïve works by Chaibia and Fatema Hassan which had a very raw color relationship, creating color combinations of which only they had the secret.