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“Prête-moi Ton rêve”, itinerant exhibition in Africa’s 6 metropolises 

Written by FDM

The Foundation for the Development of Contemporary African Culture (FDCCA) chaired by Prince Moulay Ismail has just signed its first major continental event: “Prête-moi Ton rêve” (Lend Me Your Dream). The artistic event will kick off in June in Casablanca before heading to Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria), Ethiopia and South Africa.

The event “Prête-moi Ton rêve” aims to shed light on the major visual works of African artists of international stature, generally better known in Paris, London or New York rather than in their own countries and to promote them in their own continent. The exhibition will thus collect 29 contemporary artists from the Continent and the Diaspora. They embody the vitality and diversity of Africa today.

Four highlights will punctuate each stopover of “Prête-moi Ton rêve”. The main exhibition will invite the general public to discover unpublished pieces made during artistic residencies as well as other works loaned by artists or galleries. Then, in each of the six cities visited, the exhibition pays tribute to a local artist, in recognition of his work. This is how Casablanca celebrated the visual artist Farid Belkahia. The other highlight of this event is the “Carte Blanche” section which highlights local artists worn by a young resident curator.

Chaired by HRH Prince Moulay Ismaïl, the Foundation gathers cultural entrepreneurs, craftsmen and contemporary art enthusiasts all over the continent.