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“Praying in the place of the other”, a photographic pilgrimage in the Mediterranean

Written by FDM

The Maison Denise Masson houses, until October 20 in Marrakech, the photographic exhibition of Manoël Pénicaud entitled “Pray in the place of the other”.

As part of its activities, the Maison Denise Masson, an essential cultural center in the medina of Marrakech, is organizing until October 20 the photographic exhibition by Manoël Pénicaud, “Pray in the place of the other”.

At a time when the fear of the other and so often the religion of the other is growing, the photos presented offer a different look at interreligious interactions around the Mediterranean, where the many branches of the three monotheisms are intertwined: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, explains the French Institute in Marrakech which runs the Maison Denise Masson, also known as the Maison du Dialogue de Marrakech (MDM).

Inviting everyone to take a step aside from their own representations, the exhibition presents itself as a pilgrimage in images around the circular Mediterranean, going from one holy place to another.