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The podcast Les Inspiratrices celebrates its first year of commitment to female leadership

Written by FDM

In February 2021, Leïla BAZZI, an actress committed to diversity and professional equality on a daily basis, launched Les Inspiratrices, the podcast for Moroccan and French-speaking women, in search of motivation to take action. Retrospective on this first year rich in debate and the round table organized to mark the first anniversary!

February 2021 marks the launch of Les Inspiratrices, a series of podcasts aimed at women in Morocco and beyond, looking for motivation to take action. This initiative, whose objective is to strengthen the leadership of women through personal and professional development, to break their limiting beliefs and thus help them achieve success both personally and professionally, is defined in five essential words: inspiration, impact, introspection, benevolence, and action.

Each program of Les Inspiratrices podcast is an opportunity to meet inspiring women from different backgrounds and to collect inspiring testimonials, based on the experience of these women. The highlighting of these success stories, combined with advice on personal and professional development, make the success of the show. And the figures speak for themselves with 18 episodes, more than 12,000 plays, and no less than 5,000 inspired women.

“For a few years now, I have been leading conferences and training sessions for people wishing to start or boost their professional career or wanting to embark on a new direction. With the onset of the pandemic, it was impossible to continue to organize these physical meetings and this is where the idea of launching Les Inspiratrices podcast was born, a very popular and practical format because it offers more freedom.  Today I am proud to have inspired so many women in just one year and to have been able to participate, in one way or another, in the development of their careers”, explains Leïla Bazzi.

In addition, the relevance of the themes addressed over the episodes aroused more and more interest on the part of the listeners. Indeed, separated into two seasons, the podcasts dealt with various themes ranging from the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the professional world, to the deciphering of different syndromes including the impostor syndrome, through advice for better networking, to take control over one’s own life among other things. Meantime, the floor was given to influential women such as Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Monia Rizkallah, Nouzha Skalli or Aziza Nait Sibaha.