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Oujda University: 1st in Africa in Engineering and Physics

Written by FDM

The results of the Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021, evaluating the innovation, research, and web visibility of universities, have just been unveiled.

13 Moroccan universities (the 12 public universities in addition to the UIR) are included, among 850 institutions in the world, 110 in Africa, and 104 in the MENA region. They are classified into 16 disciplines.

The Mohammed I University of Oujda ranked at the head of African universities in engineering, as well as in physics & astronomy. However, all disciplines combined, the University of Oujda only appears in 22nd position in Africa.

However, it ranked 516th internationally, followed by the universities of Rabat (528th), Marrakech (542nd), Casablanca (556th), and the UIR (580th).