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The ONMT Launches New Campaign “Ntla9awfbladna”

Written by FDM

The new campaign by ONMT aims to deseasonalize the travel of Moroccans residing in Morocco and abroad and encourage them to rediscover their country all throughout the year.

Last weekend, the national office of tourism (ONMT) launched a major communication campaign “Ntla9awfbladna” intended to encourage Moroccans, from here and elsewhere, to travel on their next holidays in Morocco and to encourage them to rediscover the riches of their country. Cities like Chefchaouen, Dakhla, or Beni Mellal are the stars of this campaign according to a statement by the office.

A campaign that is all the more important since the domestic market is the main supplier of tourists for Morocco as a destination with almost a third of overnight stays in tourist establishments.

This multi-media campaign will thus be deployed on a national scale for a period of 2 months. A proactive device that falls just after the end of the summer season and sufficiently in advance before the next school holidays.