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Official launch of the international campaign “Morocco, Land of Light”

Written by FDM

The new international campaign “Morocco, Land of Light” launched on April 21 aims to position Morocco among the world’s most coveted tourist destinations and to strengthen its trendy image, especially among new generations of travelers. The details.

Developed through three components as the new identity of the Morocco brand, a large image film, and many variations in display, this campaign, breaking free from traditional codes, constitutes a turning point in the communication of the destination. It breathes new life into it, notably by addressing a younger, more dynamic, more connected target group, and in constant demand for the unexpected and discovery.

It was launched simultaneously, on April 22, 2022, in 19 markets including 5 strategic markets (France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, USA), the Middle and Near East, Israel, and Africa. The aim is to achieve a high level of notoriety, visibility, coverage, and frequency.

The campaign targets international tourists from 25 to 59 with an interest in art, cultural experiences, nature and rural heritage, beaches and leisure activities.

For this, the campaign has set out to portray the wealth of the country and affirm its splendor by emphasizing its characteristic light, which challenges travelers as soon as they arrive. This light becomes the central theme of communication as a source of life and movement and a source of inspiration for artists. It highlights the great natural diversity of the country, as well as its lively and authentic culture.

Referring to the launch of the brand, the DG of the ONMT Adel El Fakir supports that “in the aftermath of an unprecedented crisis, it is a question of making Morocco a global, iconic, inspiring brand. One of the favorite brands of world travelers, but also a brand that appeals to young travelers, the younger generations of tourists”. Adding that this campaign “highlights a strong and creative youth who appropriates its history, its heritage, and its culture”.

Moreover, for the occasion, the CEO of the ONMT, Adel El Fakir, unveiled the travel trends for 2022. Among them, authenticity and exchanges with local communities. Indeed, “58% of travelers agree that it is important that their trip benefits the locals of their destination”. There is also talk of making up for lost time and taking full advantage of the holidays for “72% (who say they are) ready to say yes to any travel experience as long as their budget allows”. “Improvised trips will (also) be on the rise in 2022, assures the ONMT. 71% of travelers will prefer flexible holidays”. The Office emphasizes that the Kingdom is appreciated for the vitality it provides for 11% of travelers, pleasure (18%), friendliness (12%), and security (12%),