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Nora Toutain pays tribute to women with her new single “Women”

Written by FDM

Franco-Moroccan artist Nora Toutain unveiled her third single “Women”. A Funk / Soul-Rock composition that pays tribute to women through a festive hymn.

While unable to return to Morocco due to the health crisis, Nora had the idea to create the music video of “Women” by editing a series of videos from a family celebration, organized in Morocco last summer.

Through these videos filmed by videographer Amine Oulmaki, the artist portrays a touching representation of an authentic inter-cultural, intergenerational and inter-social party, where the attending women are honored.

“I wanted to create a closeness effect with my audience as if they were part of the party. Through this clip, different women are highlighted. Girls, women, ladies. Those who transform into stars, fairies, and goddesses during a party – which they are every day! I just wanted to celebrate them, honor them, in order to invite everyone to reconnect with their own heritage ”, the singer explained as relayed by Plurielle magazine.

This new ode to women will be the last single before the release of Nora’s first album “Grounding Place Vol.I”, scheduled for fall 2020. Stay Tuned!