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Nora Al Matrooshi to Become the First Arab Woman Astronaut

Written by FDM

Her name is Nora Al Matrooshi and history will remember her as the first female Arab astronaut. She has just been selected by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBR) to join the United Arab Emirates space program.

The United Arab Emirates and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) – jointly with NASA – have just selected Nora Al Matrooshi to join their space program. As one of the 4,300 applicants, she was tested on scientific abilities, education, and practical experience, and then on physical, psychological, and medical assessments, the MBRSC said.

Nora Al Matrooshi will soon become the first Arab woman astronaut in history. The  27 years old mechanical engineer currently works for the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC). She never flew but she promises to  “work hard to write history.” Especially since she has been passionate about space since her childhood. Today, therefore, for her, the dream is, literally, becoming a reality.

Or almost. Because her real dream, she says, would be to land on the Moon aboard an Emirati spacecraft. As her American idol, Neil Armstrong did more than 50 years ago. And in view of the new ambitions displayed by her country in terms of space conquest, the dream seems allowed.

Note that the United Arab Emirates is currently expanding into the space sector to diversify its economy. They have already sent an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS). And last February, they placed the first probe in orbit around Mars. With the objective of working on the construction of the first human colony on the red planet by the end of the century.