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Noor Fès Olive Oil’s Collection of Medal Worldwide

Written by FDM

Noor Fès, the 100% Moroccan extra virgin olive oil, is once again in the spotlight of the international scene. The brand, essential for lovers of refined olive oil, has obtained 8 medals of the highest distinction, by competing around the world, with the most famous oils.

Selected during the Evooleum Top 100 2021 competition organized in Spain, Noor Fès olive oil has earned its exceptional place among the 100 best olive oils in the world.

In Italy, the  Mediterranean land of the olive, Noor Fès stood out by obtaining a gold medal during the prestigious International Olive Oil Contest EVO. In the British capital, Noor Fès won the Platinium medal during the 2021 edition of the famous London International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC).

The unique quality of Noor Fès, the exceptional richness of its flavors, and its invaluable contribution to health have also enabled it to receive the Platinium medal at the very competitive Canada International Olive Oil Competition. Also in North America, and more specifically during the New York Olive Oil Competition, extra virgin olive oil from the plains of Moroccan Saïss was awarded the gold medal.

On the other side of the globe, in the land of the rising sun, the fruity notes and purity of Noor Fès charmed the jury of the Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. Extra virgin olive oil received a new gold medal there. In China, Noor Fès did not leave the jury of the China International Olive Oil Competition indifferent. It also won a gold medal there. In Greece, the cradle of the olive tree and its fruit juice for millennia, Noor Fès has been recognized as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. It received a gold medal, extreme recognition from her peers.

Also in Europe, this time in Germany, in light of the Global Olive Oil Awards in Berlin, Noor Fès imposed its character and premium quality to obtain a Platinum medal.