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Non-Muslims Try Fasting For The First Time In Ramadan

Written by FDM

Ramadan is the month when more than two billion Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to sunset.

Aside from it being a spiritual act- as it’s considered one of the pillars of Islam, fasting was proven to have many health benefits including body detoxification and increased focus. It allows the digestive system to rest and other organs to purge themselves through the elimination of toxins and bad fats. Thus, one might be tempted to undertake a fast just to “clean up” and give the body optimal conditions for healing.

If you are a born-Muslim adult and you observe the month, you might have had to practice your fasting as a child, by gradually stretching the time period in which you abstained from drinking and eating. But have you ever wondered how would the experience be like for fully grown adults if they had to do it for the first time?

Below is some interesting feedback, given by three non-muslim content creators who tried fasting for the first time. Enjoy!