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Nespresso Morocco: “A door to sustainability” made with used capsules

Written by FDM

As part of the environmental project led by Nespresso, Moroccan artist Samy Snoussi proposed “A door to sustainability”,  a 100% Moroccan work advocating for the recycling of used capsules.

The work consists of an assembly of 4,000 used coffee capsules, emptied, cleaned, dried, and meticulously placed on a traditional Moroccan door. “It’s like opening the door to a new world of possibilities, it’s opening the door to sustainability”, said Samy Snoussi. The work is currently exhibited in the Nespresso Massira boutique in Casablanca. It reinforces Nespresso’s commitment to production reaching 100% carbon neutrality across its entire value chain.

Indeed, the company is already fully committed to the supply of aluminum, one of the materials necessary for the production of capsules. And, through its Aluminum Stewardship Initiative, this supply is assured. In Morocco, Nespresso is strongly committed to the collection and recycling of used capsules through partnerships with “Suez”, which recycles the aluminum of the capsules, and also with the association “Terre et Humanisme”, which uses the marc coffee as fertilizer. Consumers are invited to drop off their used capsules in all Nespresso Boutiques in Morocco.

Samy Snoussi’s work represents an additional stone in the building of this recycling strategy by offering an artistic facet of respect for the environment in Morocco. “It’s amazing how you can bring something that used to be waste back to life and turn it into something useful,” concludes Samy Snoussi!