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Néo, New Generation Delicatessen Unveils Its Ramadan Collection

Written by FDM

Néo, the new generation delicatessen and catering service which opened its doors a year ago in Casablanca, is expanding its offer, for the delight of local foodies, with an original selection of culinary creations for the month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan takes many delicious forms, and so does the delicatessen Néo. Bringing high-quality ingredients sourced from the best artisans of the food planet, the store offers homemade dishes and ready-to-eat tasty treats often made with new flavors and combinations. Not to mention the high-end catering service. In a nutshell, a real laboratory of taste in which creativity rimes with gluttony.

For this Ramadan, the menu developed by Néo and chef  Antoine Gonzalez features flavors from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Orient. For instance, the premium sandwich, hot or cold, is one of the brand’s flagship products.

Levantine gastronomy is also in the spotlight with a fine selection of mezes and traditional salads, complemented by revisited musts of Mediterranean cuisine, to the delight of finger food lovers.

The unmissable, Japanese gastronomy with an Iloli pop-up is also featured on this Ramadan menu, in partnership with the famous Japanese restaurant. Hosted by a sushi man, this ephemeral corner presents five new creations from the famous Japanese gourmet restaurant: rolls with “Ramadanesque” flavors created especially for the month. Two other boxes complete this offer: a box of sushi and sashimi and a deluxe box made from noble ingredients (caviar, lobster, langoustine, bottarga).

Finally, a rotisserie corner is provided to satisfy the carnivorous desires of meat lovers. On the menu: pieces of Charolais beef and Wagyu beef, one of the best
in the world, offered in steaks, prime ribs, and roasts.


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Another discovery is the “Do It Yourself” dishes for those who like to play ‘Chef’. The concept? Easy. Already prepared dishes that you have to assemble. To do this, you just have to scan the QR code on the packaging and follow a short 30-second explanatory video.

Neo adds to the splendor with its home chef or show-cooking catering offer. You can expect the chef to share his passion for gastronomy, help you prepare your dishes, and liven up your evenings for an unforgettable ftour.

Instagram – @Neo_Casablanca / Facebook – @NeoCasablanca
NÉO – 215, boulevard d’Anfa, Casablanca. Phone. : 06 62 36 63 23