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Nama’s Japanese Gastronomic Experience Comes to your Home!

Written by FDM

Japanese haute cuisine fans rejoice! Because the Nama restaurant in Amanjena has exactly what you’re looking for. Better yet, you can now enjoy their iconic dishes at home!

A true ambassador of Japanese cuisine, Nama, which means “raw” in Japanese, celebrates the tradition of Japanese cuisine of “Washoku”, which is a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and founded on respect for nature, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. Each dish at Nama is imbued with a strong local feeling, which draws its flavors from the quality, freshness, and nobility of products from the Moroccan coasts and the local market.

A la carte, healthy and modern, light and refined cuisine featuring iconic dishes. Inspired by the Izakaya style, with real culinary masterpieces that come in a selection of Sushi, Sashimi, Hosomakis and Robataky specialties (grilled). A cuisine full of finesse and precision to honor the land of the Rising Sun as it should.

Today, Nama will come to your home. With its new take-out service, Nama invites you to order your selection of Japanese gastronomic masterpieces to enhance your tables in the comfort of your home.

Take away service available between 12:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
Order: +212 (0) 524 39 90 00