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Myriam Fares Shows Appreciation Towards Amazigh People In New Song

Written by FDM

Lebanese A-List performer Myriam Fares released a song in the Moroccan dialect featuring Amazigh rhythms dubbed “Maalesh”.

“Maalesh” written and composed by Yousef Alomani and arranged by Hamid Daoussi features a well-rounded mix of Amazigh rhythms and lyrics in Darija (Moroccan Dialect) to the delight of Moroccan fans.

“This time, the queen of the stage, Myriam Fares presents the imazighen art with a Moroccan dialect as an act of love and appreciation towards these amazing people”, read the caption under the music video released on Youtube amassing 3 million views as of date.

In the video, Myriam Fares, known for her love of exploring various art forms from across the MENA region, is seen dancing to the rhythms wearing traditional dance attire.

Fares had previously teased the work in an interview last year, saying that she wishes to greet Amazigh people, in all parts of the world, particularly in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, with a project with Amazigh rhythms, Amazigh dance, and clothes.

The Lebanese singer had already paid tribute to the Moroccan heritage in the song ‘Tlah’, released in 2010.