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Mundiapolis University Engineering School Ranks 2nd in the Multinational NXP Cup EMEA competition

Written by FDM

Once again awarded for the quality of its commitment to research and innovation, the Engineering School of Mundiapolis University has just been ranked 2nd school in the international NXP Cup 2020/2021 competition.

Organized every year, the NXP Cup is a competition that covers the Europe / Middle East / Africa (EMEA) zone and which brings together teams of students to build, program, and pilot a scale model of an autonomous car, so that this model can complete, as quickly as possible, the tour of a given marked circuit. “This year, the Mundiapolis engineering teams entered the competition with the most prestigious universities in the EMEA region. The Engineering School of Mundiapolis University, representing Morocco, experienced consecration by ranking second in the NXP Cup, just after Switzerland with its Haute Ecole ARC Engineering school, and ahead of the University of Amsterdam (VRIJE) and INSA Toulouse ”Said Dr Samar MOUCHAWRAB, Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Mundiapolis University.

Note that in total, 97 teams representing 43 universities and colleges and from 17 countries in the EMEA region participated in the NXP Cup. Morocco was represented by Mundiapolis University which participated in the NXP Cup with 3 teams of engineering students including 2 teams that were qualified. The NXP Cup allows participating students to develop their network, gain professional experience, learn teamwork and acquire new skills that they will put to good use in their careers.