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Mounia Amor celebrates 20-year career milestone with “Ambre & Lumière” exhibition 

Written by FDM

On Tuesday, September 28, the painter Mounia Amor unveiled at So Art Gallery Casablanca her latest works under the theme “Amber & Light”. The opportunity to dive into the dreamlike, bright, and colorful universe of the artist.

The visual artist Mounia Amor delivers through her latest creations a subliminal vision of the world. Her pictorial universe plays on the duality of light and shadow, highlighting life scenes of fascinating singularity. The geometric features, the unstructured faces, the angular curves, and the cubic shapes are dressed sometimes in warm colors, sometimes in cold colors to reveal details of a beautiful precision.

In the background, melodies and musical instruments transcend the work, transcribing emotions and states of mind. The theme of music, recurring in Mounia Amor’s work, reflects her passion for music. Some of her canvases borrow tones, shapes, and interpretation from music, while others project us into the wonderful world of concert halls. The female figures are sublimated by the artist’s strong yet soft line, and the omnipresent color gives a singular aura to each work. Dreamlike and poetic, the artist’s paintings reveal a carefully considered aesthetic approach and an original stylistic intensity.

The current exhibition is an important milestone in the journey of Mounia Amor, who is celebrating not only her 20-year career but also, and above all her full artistic maturity. Rightly considered as a contemporary artist of the new wave, Mounia Amor is an alchemist plastic artist. Her rich palette of signs, symbols, and geometric patterns is the expression of a skin-deep sensitivity, and of a philosophy of life that aspires to make the world more beautiful and to share, as an offering, an aesthetic vision and a hymn to life.