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Mouna Hachim presents “Ben Toumert ou les derniers jours des voilés” in Casablanca

Written by FDM

The Papers Club Casablanca hosted last Saturday the signing of “Ben Toumert ou les derniers jours des voilés”, the latest work by Mouna Hachim, published by La Croisée des Chemins editions.

A large audience made showed up this Saturday to discuss  Mouna Hachim’s latest novel. The meeting moderated by Hafsa Bekri-Lamrani, poet, writer, and professor of English literature gave rise to very interesting exchanges while allowing to highlight the character as charismatic as formidable as was Ben Toumert.

With a fluid and poetic style, the essayist and novelist Mouna Hachim offers us through her latest novel “Ben Toumert ou les derniers jours des voilés” (Ben Toumert or the last days of the veiled) a thrilling tale with a political dimension, spiritual scope, and profoundly human. The book presents Mohamed Ben Toumert, the well-guided Mahdi, restorer of the faith at the top of the steep mountain, truthful in his words, unique in his time, and the man who made the drum of war resound …

In this medieval fresco that is sometimes political, intimate, or spiritual, in this whirlwind that takes us from Marrakech to Tinmel via Zagora, the women, also present, play an unexpected and overwhelming role.