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Morocco & Belgium Sign Agreement to Combat Violence Against Women

Written by FDM

Morocco and Belgium have signed a specific agreement on the “Support for security services in the fight against violence against women” project.

Morocco and Belgium joined forces on the project “Support for security services in the fight against violence against women” in the presence of representatives of the Ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad, Economy and Finance, services of the Royal Gendarmerie and the DGSN, as well as those of the National Council for Human Rights, the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights, the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Enabel Development Agency.

This agreement is a result of four cross-cutting objectives: the improvement of information and awareness-raising by the security services of women victims for better care and the strengthening of the capacities of the security services for increased responsiveness and better management of the reception, listening, support and accompaniment of victims. It also involves monitoring the care of women and girls who are victims of violence and capitalizing on the efforts of the various stakeholders in the care of these victims.

This agreement is part of the consolidation of the partnership set up between Morocco and Belgium, through the exchange of expertise, the sharing of experiences, and the strengthening of collaboration. The action of the Ministry of the Interior and the services of the Royal Gendarmerie and the DGSN in this area is reflected in their contribution through their action and their commitment since the fight against violence against women is also a fight against crime.

This agreement formalizes the articulation and complementarity between the partners in order to fight against all forms of violence against women and work towards better care for victims. The commitments made require reinforced public action, interministerial and partnership, in close liaison with non-governmental actors, to move towards an operational and targeted response to the needs of the victims.

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