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Moroccan Student in Dakar  murdered by robbers

Written by FDM

The tragic death of Mazine Shakiri, a Moroccan student in Dakar, shocks the Moroccan community in Senegal.

According to Taleb Barrada, Morocco’s ambassador to Senegal,  the young man died on Saturday night 25 to Sunday 26 February shortly after midnight, four meters away from his home. The latter was in the neighborhood Amity of the Senegalese capital,  the local media reported.

The 24 years-old young man, was attacked by six men on three motorcycles who robbed him of his cell phone and his money.

One of the attackers then struck a deadly stab at his thigh, which  probably resulted in touching the femoral artery, before running away.  By the time he arrived at  the Principal Hospital of Dakar, Shakiri succumbed to his wound.

The student was in his senior year and was expected to defend his thesis in dentistry and return to Morocco next month.