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Moroccan Rym joins Spotify’s Equal Arabia Ambassadors

Written by FDM

For the month of June, Spotify’s Equal Arabia ambassador is the young Moroccan artist Rym.

Spotify has kept a tradition of highlighting women artists from different parts of the world and exposing them on an international level. This month it’s Morocco’s Rim Fikri a.k.a Rym.

The 22-year-old artist was born in Casablanca. A music lover from an early age, music has always been her passion. However, other artistic paths also interested the young star. Entrepreneur, singer, actress, and painter, RYM’s achievements cover a wide variety of creative fields. However, it was her single “Stylo warqa” that really launched Rym’s professional music career with no less than 2 million streams on Spotify.

Like previous EQUAL Perrie ambassadors such as Dana Salah, RYM’s photo was displayed last night on a Spotify billboard in the heart of Times Square in New York City. This panel also promotes the artist’s latest single “Dime Porque”.

Reflecting on the situation of women in the music industry, Rym said, “Women remain undervalued. It is obvious that almost all people working in this field are men. It would be great if women could open up more to the artistic world and if we could see more female beatmakers, sound engineers, and producers, imposing their ideas. »

“For me, EQUAL is an indispensable program. I hope it will help many female artists to showcase and export their talents as much as possible! »

In addition to covering EQUAL Arabia, RYM is also featured on Spotify’s EQUAL Global playlist, alongside artists from Poland, Pakistan, Peru, and more.