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The Moroccan Jewish community celebrates the Mimouna festival

Written by FDM

The Moroccan Jewish community in Essaouira celebrated, Saturday, April 23, during a ceremony marked with the seal of conviviality and fraternity, the feast of Mimouna, a symbol of coexistence between Jews and Muslims in the Kingdom.

The Moroccan Jewish community in Essaouira celebrated the Feast of Mimouna. Placed under the sign of sharing and living together which are the DNA of the Cité des Alizés, this ceremony was initiated by the Mimouna Association, the American Sephardi Federation, the Essaouira-Mogador Association, and the Zaouia Kadiriya in Essaouira, with the support of USAID, took place in a festive and warm atmosphere, during which Jews and Muslims gathered in the enclosure of the emblematic space of Bayt Dakira.

This evening, which highlighted the fraternal coexistence that has existed between the different faiths for centuries in the Kingdom and the harmonious relationship maintained by the two communities, was an opportunity to celebrate Judeo-Moroccan culture against a background of music and songs performed by groups of Jewish and Muslim musicians.

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