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Miss Dior, the floral symphony

Written by FDM

The new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum reinvents itself spectacularly in an armful of colorful flowers, pearls of freshness, and sensually velvety. 

Powdery, sparkling and fruity, mellow and spicy, this is a sensual and surprising Miss Dior that deploys a new floral profusion supported by the elegance of the woods.

The result is a rich and contrasting “Millefiori” bouquet where a velvety sensuality is in constant dialogue with a subtle freshness. Reinvented, the florality of Miss Dior exults. Never had it been so luminous, so fresh and velvety. Attractive, Miss Dior knows how to play the card of marvelous sensuality while keeping the elegance of lightness.

Miss Dior, Dior, 50ml; DH 1,091, 100 ml; 1.535 DH. In perfumeries.