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Mirleft: MRE Woman Exposes Racist Acts by French Tourists Because of Her Burkini

Written by FDM

While on vacation in Morocco, Salma, a Moroccan living in Germany, faced discrimination by French tourists in a club near Mirleft, because of her burkini. The young woman recounts her experience in a media declaration.

To be able to swim in a burkini, Salma chose to spend her holidays with her family in Morocco, following a reservation via Airbnb. However, French tourists in the same club had other plans for her. For the past few days, a video by the young woman has gone viral on social media.

Asked for more details on this incident by Loopsidernews, Salma says that three French people, two “elderly” men, and a woman, arrive at the pool and began to “stare” at them with “disgust”. One of the two men complained to the pool lifeguard and said that “he cannot get into the pool because we are wearing burkinis,” she recalls.

The Moroccan employee then asked the young woman to “leave the pool and come back later when the French are gone”. His argument is that “foreigners come from different countries and do not like to see women wearing burkinis.”

Salma then refused, arguing that if those concerned do not like what they see, it is up to them to leave. “I told him that they can’t expect me to wear whatever they want, that they are in my country, which is a Muslim country and where women wear hijabs,” she said. The MRE then returned to the pool.

The French woman went on to take pictures of the women wearing burkinis and “started shouting and insulting us in French,” continues Salma. When met with indifference “the woman got outside the pool and put her panties down in front of everyone, including children,” she denounces. One of the French men also did the same. The security agents then tried to mediate, and the three Frenchmen ended up leaving the place.

Finally, Salma says she was not surprised by the reaction of the three French people to her burkini. “But I was surprised that they had the audacity to say it in a Muslim country,” she says. “French racism has become very widespread, but the fact that these racists have the audacity to go to other countries and impose their mentality on others, I think it was important for me to post that and expose them so that other French racists like them can see that everyone is against this kind of actions ”, she concludes.