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Minister of Justice: Divorce Judgments are Increasing 

Written by FDM

Divorce judgments are on the rise according to the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Ben Abdelkader.

The figure has continued to increase, after the publication of the Family Code, from 7,213 in 2004 to 31,085 in 2009, then to 44,408 in 2014 and 55,470 in 2019.

And that’s not all. Divorce cases went from 26,914 in 2004 to 25,852 in 2018, then to 27,149 in 2019. These figures are presented on Tuesday in Rabat by the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Ben Abdelkader, during a seminar devoted to the presentation of the “Legal guide for women victims of infringement or violation of rights”, produced by the Association “Jossour-Forum of Moroccan women”.

On the other hand, the cases of underage marriages have, according to the minister, “a tendency to decrease from year to year in Morocco”. A significant decline undeniably due to the measures taken to fight against this type of marriage.

In detail, the year 2014 recorded a total of 33,489 acts of this type of marriage, against 30,230 acts in 2015 and 27,205 in 2016. Better yet, these figures continued their downward trend in the following years, reaching 20,738 acts in 2019, against 12,600 the following year, or 6.48% of the total number of marriage certificates concluded in 2020.