#mesvacancesaumaroc, the campaign that encourages travel in Morocco

Written by FDM

Reviving local tourism, and helping this sector emerge from the crisis that has impacted it are some of the main ideas underlying the concept launched by the Brand Factory agency: “To travel is to live and to create life! “


Under the hashtag #mesvacancesaumaroc , this campaign, scheduled from July 18 to September 30, is launched in partnership with several partners such as the Regional Tourism Councils (CRT) of Marrakech and the Oriental, private operators (Opel, Air Arabia, BarceloHotels & Resorts, Palmeraie Rotana, Accor Hotels, Toomore, Nuxe, Havaianas and Afterwoth), as well as renowned Moroccan influencers.

For this campaign of solidarity and promotion of internal tourism, the choice fell on different regions of the Kingdom, ranging from North to South, namely Tangier-Tetouan, Saïdia, Casablanca-Doukkala, Marrakech-Essaouira, and Agadir, with a program meticulously prepared with the various partners. The aim is to make our fellow citizens dream, encourage them to discover their country, and give them ideas for good plans to help them concoct unforgettable trips “Made in Morocco” and at reasonable prices.

The influencers selected by Brand Factory to carry out this campaign enjoy a good reputation with their communities. They are all influencers with whom Moroccans can identify according to their realm of influence (family, well-being, travel, lifestyle, sport, culture, cuisine…).

This initiative comes after the solidarity chain of Ftour du Cœur. This time, Brand Factory aspires to contribute to the revival of the tourism sector heavily impacted by the Covid-19 crisis! To do this, the agency is initiating a campaign to raise awareness and promote internal tourism, which is part of this momentum of mobilization around “Moroccan consumption”.