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The Medina Mall Marrakech opens its doors

Written by FDM

Located in the heart of Marrakech, the new Medina Mall Marrakech shopping center opened its doors on June 4. The Medina Mall Marrakech is more than a shopping center; It positions itself as a mecca for art and culture, which tells stories and creates experiences.

Set up in Marrakech’s old Medina, as if to assert its attachment to its urban heritage and to open up to its 3 million annual visitors, the Medina Mall Marrakech has chosen to offer its future visitors a new way of appreciating the ocher city. This architectural jewel extends over an area of 750 m2 and has been set to champion the promotion of Made in Morocco and local know-how.

A unique architecture combining tradition and modernity

The Medina Mall Marrakech was born from the desire to offer the Medina a place that federates, unites, and promotes exchange. It’s a result of a bet to combine modernity and tradition by promoting harmonious living together. A successful bet thanks to the talented young architect Yassine Nait Saleh who was able to take advantage of land that nevertheless had difficult shapes and create a welcoming, inspiring place to live that exudes authenticity.

Behind this large-scale project hides the young Samy Mabrouki, an entrepreneur who “nurtures an unlimited tenderness and affection for the medina of Marrakech, its inhabitants, its ramparts, its alleys, its scents, and its colors and is committed to contributing to its modernization while respecting what constitutes its authenticity”.

34 stores and an immersive shopping experience

On a human scale, the Medina Mall Marrakech covers an area of 1250 m2 and has a total of 34 stores whose areas vary between 19 and 110 m2, as well as three restaurants. Several Moroccan brands have chosen to settle there such as Natus, Heritage trading, Andalocy, Jakana, Atlas Legacy, Idizman, Vivify, Menara Bijoux, Bidda rugs… constituting a complete offer including jewelry, leather goods, perfumery, pastry, fashion, and crafts.

The desire to promote local know-how and the creation of impact

Having a real social impact is the ultimate goal of Medina Mall Marrakech. To do this, it encourages the promotion of Made in Morocco and is committed to local craftsmanship. By multiplying partnerships and lending its spaces to exceptional artists and craftsmen. In this regard, we can cite the “Moroccan Womanifesto” exhibition during which ten Moroccan artists staged the culture and attachment of the Medina Mall to ancestral Moroccan know-how organized in January 2022, an exhibition of works produced by the children of the Mohammed VI Center for Disabled People in Marrakech, which starts with the official opening of the Mall, a singing competition, in addition to a busy program of meetings and exchanges around Moroccan art and culture.Anchored in its time while being attached to its cultural and traditional heritage, the Medina Mall Marrakech promises a new shopping experience. This new place of walks and discoveries, promises the inhabitants and future visitors a new way of appreciating all that makes the charm and the tradition of Marrakech.