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“Maragdach” & “Once upon a time, The skirt!”, Feminist Plays to be Discovered at The International Theater Festival  

Written by FDM

Several Moroccan and international plays are scheduled for the International Theater and Cultures Festival organized by La Fondation des Arts Vivants. The shows will take place in different cultural spaces in the economic capital.

The International Theater and Cultures Festival returns for its 15th edition from May 20 to 28 in Casablanca. Organized by La Fondation des Arts Vivants, this event will offer 10 plays in different cultural spaces in the economic capital. The show “Nayda Two” by the Stylcom troupe will open the ball on May 20 at the Studio des arts vivants. This play by Amine Nasseur was a great success with the public and won several awards. It offers political messages in a humorous setting.

On May 21, the French play “Tango Neruda” will kick off at 8 p.m. at the Anfa cultural complex. This show by the Serge Barbuscia company is a dance with two faces: half macabre, half love, like a tango with the discordant and languorous sounds of Astor Piazzola, a great composer and bandoneonist from Argentina.

The festival also hosts the feminist show “Maragdach” (I don’t sleep). Directed by Adil Madih, this play is inspired by Aristophanes’ work “Lysistrata” or the sex strike. It depicts the resistance of women to male authority to regain their violated rights. To rebel against a misogynistic and patriarchal society, the women decide to use their soft strength and start the sex strike. The play takes place on May 22 at the Mohamed Zefzaf Cultural Complex.

Another feminist show is also on the program. “Once upon a time, The skirt…!” of the Cie Corp’Scène programmed on May 24 at the Anfa Cultural Complex. Starting from a news story, the so-called “Inzgane skirt” affair in 2015, this theatrical show mixes music and video, reality and fiction, while seeking to point out the worst and the best in humans.

Also on the festival program is the play “Hammam Laâyalate” (Women’s Bath), directed by Latefa Ahrrare. Presented by the “Tokos art” troupe, this work tells the story of different women who meet in a Moorish bath, during a health crisis. They talk about their problems and discuss the psychological and economic pressures they have suffered. This play reflects the reality of several social ills exposed during the latest health crisis due to Covid 19.

More plays include “Fake”, a comic play in Darija that deals with disinformation created by Ayoub Naim, and “Badadd” or love in all its forms. This later is the result of an artistic workshop of the Sc’energia troupe. It’s also expected to close the festival on May 28.

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