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Manal pays tribute to the ‘Shikha’ in new song ‘Niya’ (video)

Written by FDM

Pop singer Manal came back with a new hit. After “Slay”, “Taj”, “Nta” or even “Pas de choix”, the young artist unveiled on Friday her new single “Niya” which went viral on social networks.

“Niya” tells the story of a “Shikha” (a controversial traditional artist) who impatiently waits to start a family with her beloved one, but her dream never comes true, which causes her great suffering, as the singer explained in a video preceding the release of the music video and posted on her Instagram account.


Combining both traditional and modern melodies, the song indeed received major praise from netizens for the just portrayal of Moroccan culture in the framework of a modern project while paying tribute to the ‘Shikhates’, these artists whose presence is appreciated on one side of society and rejected on the other.

Inspired and directed by Manal Benchlikha (a.k.a Manal) and Amira Azouzzi, “Niya” has already exceeded 3 million views on Youtube and has occupied the number one place in Moroccan trends within 24 hours of its release!